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They have been deprived the pleasure of sex for 1,700 years, Roman Catholic Priests together with their Nuns will soon be freed and allowed to marry and enjoy God’s special gift to mankind, a prominent Catholic missionary Priest predicts.

Missionary Priest Fr Shay Cullen who is of Irish origin has claimed that the church will soon abolish celibacy as he described it as a mere ‘business arrangement’ for the Catholic Church, rather than a commandment of God.


Celibacy is a lifeless law imposed by mere human beings not God, hints Fr Shay Cullen, a highly respected Catholic church official who has to date won three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his work saving children from sexual abuse in the Philippines for the past 40 years.


The world’s oldest Christian institution should now abolish ‘this celibate thing’ and get on with life, argues the prominent priest.


Fr Cullen told Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne on state television station RTE, that celibacy will soon be outdated.

“Celibacy is only a practice mostly to keep property out of the hands of married couples, it’s more sort of a business type of arrangement,


“All of the other Christian churches manage very well. Many Anglicans who were married and had family and children and came over to the Catholics were warmly accepted.


“Now we have many married priests in the Catholic Church and it is working, so why not? It is only another step to abolishing this celibate thing and getting on with life,” he said.



But for almost 1700 years to date, the Catholic church has imposed that for a person to be a Priest or a Nun they have to be celibate. In Zimbabwe alone the country’s former Archbishop for the southern part of the country, Pius Ncube reportedly fell into temptation of intimacy. This year, a Nun from Matebeleland also left the service merely because she had given in to nature’s call.


Child Abuse

Beyond mere temptation and nature, the church’s celibacy requirement is blamed for thousands of child abuse cases which have seen many children across the world being sexually abused by the so called holy men of the cloth.  The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA)  has summed the number of priests with allegations of sexual abuse for the period 1960-2002 to 4,127.




HIV Aids

. Another complexity to the matter has been the issue of HIV Aids. A reader on an irish website commented:

“I worked with a woman who had sadly, lost a son to AIDS, in 1994. While he was in an HIV section, at old St. Claire’s hospital, in New York City, he met many HIV afflicted priests. Though gay himself, this lady’s son was dismayed that there were so many homosexual priests in the Catholic Church! He felt that the priesthood shouldn’t be a “Gay Men’s Club”, as it was later described in a segment of “60 Minutes.” (ZimEye, UK)
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