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Mount Magdala Nurseary 1940s


The catholic church stole babies in New Zealand as well, I am one of those babies. I was forced from my mother's arms, after she gave birth to me, it took St. Vinent de. Paul, two and a half month to get me away from my mother. This happened in a catholic nursing home for unwed mothers, in Wellington New Zealand.


How many more babies were stolen, I do not know. It is kept very quite over here, not a word is spoken about child abuse, nor child sex abuse. It is like, we are still ghost in New Zealand, to only be seen, and not heard. Well, not even seen any more, that way, there is no facing the evils and torment, which us children went through.


Most of the babies and children, in the catholic church orphanages in New Zealand, were born illegitimate, my mother was RAPED at 15year old, so I was a project of the RAPED. Born to be a slave for the catholic church, NOT by my mother, but, by the catholic church herself.


The catholic church had marked us all with her cross of shame, which we still carry today. There is no hidding from our sins of our past, they are forever on our mind, to anoy us at no given reason, or time, just waiting to spring at us, when all is peacefull within and then, WHAM! it takes over us once more. Will there ever be a day, when we find peace within. What I mean, is that, the little peace we do feel, will it ever, last our life time, we have left to live?


GOD! WHY, why did You let Your little children suffer so much?


Are we not Your children, or did You let it all happen, to test our Faith.?


We all did every thing we could for You, even being near to death, so many times, and waking up in bed, not knowing how we got there, but then we saw the blood on our bodies and the pain, oh my God the pain we suffered for You, with our blood, while they called out Your name, with each stroke of the whip, which went through our wee bodies and then we knew why.


We have being beating and thrashed within an inch of our lives and we still had enough breath inside of us, to pull through. To become strong and get just well enough to be beating and whipped again and again each and every day and night, a life of hell on earth.


I think and feel, that the devil himself had a much better life, than us unwanted children of the catholic church homes and orphanages worldwide.

By Ann Free Spirit - Posted in: My Life


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  • I am a Survivor of Childhood Abuse and Childhood Sexual Abuse, in two Catholic Church Orphanages, Christchurch New Zealand. 1941 to 1965. Awareness, and to Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Committed by the Catholic Church and other Denomination Worldwide.


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